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The difference between AC motor and DC motor

Author: Time:2018-4-20 9:09:55 Views:

A DC motor (D.C.motor) is a motor that converts DC power and mechanical energy to each other. When it is used as a motor, it is a DC motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy; when the generator is running, it is a DC generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The DC motor consists of two parts, a stator and a rotor, with a certain air gap. The main feature of its construction is that it has an armature with a commutator. The stator of the DC motor is composed of a base, a main magnetic pole, a commutating magnetic pole, front and rear end covers, and a brush holder. The main magnetic pole is the main component that generates the air gap magnetic field of the DC motor, and is composed of a permanent magnet or a laminated core with a DC excitation winding. The rotor of a DC motor is composed of an armature, a commutator (also called a commutator), and a rotating shaft. The armature is composed of two parts: an armature core and an armature winding. The armature core is formed by stacking silicon steel sheets with evenly distributed coggings at its outer circumference, and the armature windings are embedded in these slots. The commutator is a mechanical rectifying component. After the commutator segments are stacked into a cylindrical shape, they are integrally formed by metal clips or plastics. The commutator segments are insulated from each other. Commutator quality has a large impact on operational reliability.

An AC motor is a machine for converting mechanical energy and AC power. Due to the tremendous development of AC power systems, AC motors have become the most commonly used motors.

Compared with DC motors, AC motors have a simple structure, are easy to manufacture, and are relatively robust. They are easy to make motors with high speed, high voltage, high current and large capacity. AC motor power coverage is large. AC motors are generally classified into alternators, AC motors, and synchronous cameras according to their functions. Due to the reversible Henglin Seiko AC main shaft of the working state of the motor, the same motor can be used as both a generator and an electric motor. It is not very clear that the motor is divided into a generator and a motor. However, some motors mainly operate as generators, and some motors mainly operate as motors.